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  • HR Systems that work

    I have recently be introduced to a cloud based HR system that has great potential across a whole range of applications and which is specifically aimed at the SME market. If you want to know more then call me or send a note through my enquiry page

  • Join me in finding out more about China and the Chinese

    I am inviting anyone in my network to come to a cultural awareness workshop focusing on China and the Chinese.

  • Employee Engagement - Getting beyond the hype

    If your engagement model depends on a series of tools and techniques, when line managers are under pressure to reduce cost, at personal risk of redundancy, and face a host of competing priorities you can be sure that focus on engagement will waiver. The cost benefit of yet another HR initiative will be challenged and any advances in your measure of engagement will go into reverse. However, if your organisation has embraced the cultural model, then meeting the current challenges become a shared concern. Solutions developed can be embraced by employees even when adversely affected.

  • All change – Organisation Development – what can HR offer?

    Long term sustained change requires
    • A clear, compelling vision of the future
    • The involvement of all stakeholders in the analysis, design and execution of change
    • A full organisational assessment of impact, not just a narrow process one
    • Clear milestones and measures of success
    • A willingness to accept risks and allow for mistakes

  • What will it take to get real change into management behaviour

    It is one of the oddities of modern management practice that, no matter how much evidence there is of the dysfunctionality of an instrumental view of employee motivation, our everyday practice remains firmly locked in the old model.

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