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  • CIPD Annual Conference

    … an interesting mix of new insights and contacts with HR professionals with shared interests.

  • Maslow Rules OK!

    a good basis on which to build an employee engagement agenda would be one that addresses all the motivational levels

  • Common HR policies in international companies

    Each organisation has to determine how much value it could get from the application of universal standards, and what approach would allow it to realise that value. Understanding this then allows you to determine the scope and depth of any global or multi national policies and procedures and in what circumstances exceptions from that standard might be permissible.

  • Reward and Talent Management

    Reward has an over inflated view of its own importance (probably because so many senior executives have such a concern about their own rewards), focuses too much time on a small segment of the business community (for the same reason) and ends up spending substantial amounts on programmes for which there is little or no evidence of return in investment.

  • Agency Workers Act

    Beware headline grabbing statistics, whether in the newspapers or in your own management reports!

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